The aim of an Offsite Backup plan is to avoid large losses in the event that your business cannot continue to function due to the loss of IT infrastructure and data. A complete Disaster Recovery Plan will minimize your company downtime thereby reducing company losses.

Acculogic will customize a Backup & Disaster Recovery plan tailored for your specific needs.  An example of one such plan is shown below:

Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan for Company A

Acculogic Technicians will prepare a spare “lightweight” server that, in the event of an unexpected hardware failure or a possible natural disaster, will become a temporary server to enable your business to be up and running within a very short time. As soon as possible after a disaster strikes Acculogic will transport the spare server to your office and set it up for immediate use. This server will have all the data up to the point of the last backup. This temporary server will give your businsess the time to acquire and install a “real” server.

Once we have the full backup image at Acculogic, the backup software will perform incremental backups once a day or more if needed and transfer the data via FTP connection to network storage unit located at Acculogic’s office.

With this complete backup image and spare server scenario, we will be able to:

  • Completely recover all server data including Applications, Exchange mail and SQL databases.
  • Quickly restore individual files or folders remotely.

We will also run a test recovery once a month to ensure everything is ready to go if the situation should a rise.

Acculogic Technologies is data backup & disaster recovery service provider.

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