File Server

In computing, a file server is a computer attached to a network that has the primary purpose of providing a location for shared disk access, i.e. shared storage of computer files (such as documents, sound files, photographs, movies, images, databases, etc.) that can be accessed by the workstations that are attached to the same computer network.  Acculogic will determine your needs and recommend the proper solution for your file server requirements.


Email is a crucial component of today’s office environment and as such it needs to be implemented and maintained properly to ensure continuous, trouble free service for every user.  We develop solutions to guarantee you a secure, spam-free and lightning fast email experience.

No matter your computers are Windows, Macintosh or Hybrid, Acculogic team can assist you to setup an Email & file-sharing environment.

One example of proven email solutions is Kerio Connect!

Kerio Connect – More than a Mail Server. Your Exchange alternative

Kerio Connect is the award-winning, leading alternative to Microsoft Exchange for businesses and organizations that prefer a simple approach to IT. Kerio Connect mail server brings business-class email, instant messaging with group chat, delegation, shared calendars, and contact management to most email clients, IM clients, web browsers and mobile devices at a fraction of the cost and IT overhead.

With integrated anti-virus, powerful anti-spam, built-in archiving, automated backup and an easy Web Administration interface, Kerio Connect gives businesses everything they need for secure email and messaging in one low cost package.

Deployment options for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, VMware and public and private cloud hosted options, allows Kerio Connect to fit in virtually any customer environment.

A Better Alternative

Business-class email, calendars, and contacts without the overhead and complexity of Microsoft Exchange. This means huge savings.

Always Connected

Connect from any web browser with Kerio Connect client, or from any mobile device. Get in touch via Kerio Connect Instant Messaging.

Advanced Email Protection

Built-in security, backup and archiving tools protect against spam, viruses, malicious attacks and data loss, while maintaining compliance.

Flexible Deployment & Administration

The most flexible server side deployment options and client side support out there. Windows, Mac, Linux, Virtual, Cloud. You name it.


Acculogic Technologies Inc. is Kerio authorized service provider. Contact us at (604)732-4400 for more details.

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